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Let Me Be Your Mentor!

Get to know what its like to be part of the AJT Community completely FREE for 7 days

Experience Average Joe Trading Community for 7 days. Get access to our LIVE chatroom, courses, classrooms, mentoring sessions and much more completely FREE for 7 days. After that you will have the option to continue with one of our membership plans or simply walk away! You won’t regret it!!

We hope to see you at the #AJTJungle


Empower YOUR Day Trading By Developing Perfect Trading Process For YOU

We offer all the tools needed to hack the day trading learning.

Day Trading Community

Watch me trade live as I explain my entries and exits in real time. It's the most effective way to learn!

Day + Swing Trading

AJT offers two programs Day Trading Stocks and Swing Trading Stocks. Both courses are available to watch video on demand.

Live Webinars

Enjoy live webinars once a week where you will enjoy all the new tricks on the market and get all your questions asked in real time.

Complete Courses

Enjoy all our courses, lessons and video material, where you will see from swing Trading Course, Day Trading course, to The Traders Mindset.