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Why Are You Still Trading Small?

Recently I was asked why does it seem like I am still in the same spot in my trading that I was in 6 years ago because I am still trading the same strategies, with the same position size, and making the same money? The reality is that I am not. I have other accounts that I trade more advanced strategies with larger position sizes. I have shared that at one point but when I realized that everyone wanted to jump to that without building their trading foundation first, I shut it down and only share with those that have proven themselves to be consistent with their trading.

But the reason I trade like I do in the community every day is because of my core beliefs as a teacher and a mentor. I believe that when you have made it and you are comfortable where you are, you are not fit to be a mentor. You can always teach people how you did it, but that can only go so far. Unless you are willing to get in the trenches with your students, you can’t affectively mentor them. 

I feel like as a mentor, I have to constantly go back to that spot that challenged me, that made me uncomfortable, that eventually catapulted me to where I am today. Because that’s when I was the hungriest, which means that is where I would be the most effective teacher and mentor. You see when we become successful it’s easy to lose the hunger and then go into mentoring and teaching from a comfortable place. Everything is great.  You’re making good money, you’re on top of the world, but, you have just lost your hunger. You have lost what got you there.

Let me ask you this, if you commit to helping others get to the top is it harder to pull them up or to push them up? If you try pulling someone up, you end up doing all the work and taking all the risk because you could easily hurt yourself or get pulled back down which could hurt your confidence. But when you decide to go back to their level you can help by pushing them up, but you’re also able to teach and better yet show them how to pull themselves up. This is critical because the point of mentoring is to help those you are teaching become self-sufficient.

So, I ask myself, what did I do today to get uncomfortable, to tap into the hunger and desire I had to be successful. What did I do to take me back so that I can help push my students to the top while showing them what it takes to climb that wall?  Every day I have to prove that I am worthy to mentor new traders. It doesn’t matter what I did 5, 10 or 15 years ago. It’s about what I am doing now.  It will always be about what I am doing now to put myself in the best position to help my community.